Essbase Act! Excel Ribbon (SmartView Plugin)


Download Essbase WorkFlow Ribbon Excel v11.5 







installation   process

How to change XLAM VBA project 

How to implement SmartView VBA API 

Step by Step guide 

Issues Tracker 

Quick Connect. Storing connection credentials in the Excel page, automatically log on if it needed








Adhoc functions and option in one place




Query Designer, Execute  MDX, Calculation,Manage Substitution Variable




Execute MDX: Can use variables, Auto Connect (if needed ), Run all query from the current Excel file.











Calculation Manager:

1)  External HTA VBScript program used to unlock Excel during execution

2) Chose cube for current calculation










3) Change Substitution variables for current database







4) Create Calculation sequence for recalculating scripts between databases
















Outline- Automatically open “OTL” page

CopySheet – Copy current page to new. It is used for quick analyse some details with avoiding destroy source retrieve

Data Comments – link to LRO objects for input data notes.