Sql Excel : The Zip Code Tables

The ZipCensus table consists of more than one hundred columns describing each
zip code, or, strictly speaking, each zip code tabulation area (ZCTA) defined by the
Census Bureau. The column zcta5 is the zip code. This information was gathered
from the Missouri Census Data Center, based on US Census data, specifically the
American Community Survey.
The first few columns consist of overview information about each zip code, such as
the state, the county, population (totpop), latitude, and longitude. There is a
column for additional zip codes because the zip-code tabulation area does not
necessarily match 100% with actual zip codes. In addition to population, there are
four more counts: the number of households (tothhs), the number of families
(famhhs), the number of housing units (tothus), and the number of occupied
housing units (occhus).
The following information is available for the general population:
Proportion and counts in various age groups
Proportion and counts by gender
Proportion and counts in various racial categories
Proportion and counts of households and families by income
Information about occupation categories and income sources
Information about marital status
Information about educational attainment
And more
Information on the columns and exact definitions of terms such as ZCTA are
available at http://mcdc.missouri.edu/data/georef/zcta_master.Metadata.html.
The second zip code table is ZipCounty, a companion table that maps zip codes to
counties. It contains information such as the following:
County name
Post office name
Population of county
Number of households in county
County land area
This table has one row for each zip code, so it can be joined to ZipCensus and to
other tables using the ZipCode column. The two tables are from different time frames and sources so not all zip codes match between the two tables—a common
problem when working with data.