Oracle® Smart View for Office Readme Release

Defects Fixed in This Release

This section includes defects fixed in Release To review the list of defects fixed between earlier releases, use the Defects Fixed Finder This tool enables you to identify the products you own and your current implementation release. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized report of fixed-defect descriptions with their associated platforms and patch numbers. This tool is available here:

  • 21472462 — Essbase. Unable to update the Dynamic Time Series POV member in PowerPoint for data points copied from Excel.
  • 21416511 — Oracle BI EE. The Refresh All operation does not refresh all slides when Smart View is connected to the Oracle BI EE provider. Only the active slide gets refreshed.
  • 21220218 — Planning. Business Rules launched in Smart View do not honor the limits applied. Instead all the descendents are shown.
  • 21567487 — Planning. Indentation of dimensions in a Planning form is displayed incorrectly.
  • 21622488 — Planning. Submitting data from a large Planning form is unusually slow.
  • 21622609 — Planning. Slow response time when marking dirty cells in a large Planning form.
  • 21646034 — Planning. Smart View is not able to submit text data if the data has been copied and pasted from other Excel cells.
  • 21759728 — Planning. Entering comments on multiple cells while connected to the Planning provider in ad hoc analysis mode causes an error when there is no dimension in the POV, and Apply to all selected cells is checked.

The following are the noteworthy known issues of this release.


  • 14233719 — If you are upgrading to this release from a Smart View PSE release, Oracle recommends that you first uninstall the PSE release and then install this release.
  • 14648478 — The Smart View installer does not fully support bidirectional (BiDi) languages. This can result in installer screens containing formatting errors such as misaligned text and icons. The installer can be used, however, and the installed Smart View product will display correctly in BiDi languages.
  • 17206029, 21156027 — After installing Smart View and launching Excel for the first time, you may get an error message similar to the following: “Unable to set the installed property of the add-in class.”Workarounds: Enable the Smart View Excel add-in using one of the following methods:

    Trust Center Method

    1. Perform the task appropriate for your Office version:
      • 2013 and 2010: Go to File, then Options, and then Trust Center.
      • 2007: Click the Office button in the top left corner of Excel, then select Excel Options, and then Trust Center.
    2. Click the Trust Center Settings button.
    3. In the left pane, select Trusted Locations.
    4. Click Add new location to launch the Microsoft Office Trusted Location dialog box.
    5. In Path, enter:
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click OK to close the Trust Center, and then click OK to close Excel Options.

    COM Add-ins Method:

    1. Perform the task appropriate for your Office version:
      • 2013 and 2010: Go to File, then Options, and then Add-ins.
      • 2007: Click the Office button in the top left corner of Excel, then select Excel Options, and then Add-ins.
    2. From Manage, select COM Add-ins, and then Go.
    3. In COM Add-ins, select the check box to enable the Oracle Smart View for Office add-in, and click OK.
  • 17662148 — On 64-bit operating systems, the Smart View silent install does not complete successfully for non-admin users.
  • 18038604 — When using the Check for updates link on the Extensions page of the Smart View Options dialog box, all Microsoft Office applications must then be closed to install any applicable extension updates.


  • 9315130 — Microsoft security update KB969604 for Office 2007 breaks Smart View functionality in Word. See Microsoft documentation for information about fixing this problem.
  • 9691355 — When you delete a worksheet containing a reporting object from the Report Designer, Excel may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue.
  • 11934177, 12569072, 18057207 — Due to a Microsoft limitation, many of the Microsoft APIs that Smart View depends on for both Smart View and Excel functionality do not work when the Excel option, Transition navigation keys, is enabled. For example:
    • In Excel, copy/paste, macros, automation API calls do not work correctly.
    • In the Planning Admin extension, member formula formatting in the Smart View Dimension Editor does not display correctly; formulas have incorrect syntax when submitted to Planning.

    In order to ensure the best performance possible, Smart View requires the following:

    • The Excel option, Transition navigation keys, must be cleared.
    • The Smart View option, Improve Metadata Storage, must be enabled (by default, this option is enabled).
  • 13987451 –For larger workbooks, a “not enough resources” error may occur.Workarounds:
    • Break up your workbook into smaller workbooks.
    • Upgrading to Office 64-bit may resolve the issue.
  • 14494179 — Zooming out after performing a zoom in can leave blank rows on the worksheet.Workaround: This is not a specific Smart View issue but may be related to excess formatting not being removed by Excel. Oracle recommends trying the following Microsoft workarounds:
  • 14456134 — Various issues may arise when the Excel option, Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), is selected. For example, there are problems launching Excel, launching Excel files from outside of Excel, and using the Export in Query Ready Mode option against Firefox 17.x to export balances from Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting.Workaround: Click the Microsoft Office Button (upper left corner of Excel), and then click Excel Options. In the Advanced category, scroll down to the General options, and then clear the Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchance (DDE) check box. Restart Excel.
  • 16554169 — On computers where Smart View is installed, an error occurs when updating links in PowerPoint that were copied from Excel to PowerPoint.
  • 16835531 — Smart View does not support number formatting of Function Grids imported from Smart Slices.
  • 17164523 — The selected POV members are reverted to dimension members after deleting some columns and refreshing the spreadsheet.Workaround: Click the POV button to hide the POV toolbar. Then ensure that you do not delete the column that contains the Page members.
  • 17215221 — On Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, in the Task List pane, the text does not does display correctly in the Action Panel and in Task Details. Items in these areas are squeezed together vertically, causing the fonts to be cut off at the bottom of each item.
  • 17263827, 17636796, 17667907, 20648759 — Microsoft has enabled Office Animations for the Task Pane and many controls within Office 2013. This causes flickering and screen movements in the following situations:
    • Opening forms, especially when opening composite and cascading forms.
    • Opening multiple connections in new tabs, whether you are opening composite forms or simple forms.
    • Accessing the About box from the Help button in the Smart View ribbon when the Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management extension is also installed (note that per issue 17667907, a sharing violation error message is first displayed)

    Workaround: Information on troubleshooting flickering issues is available in the Oracle Smart View for Office Installation and Configuration Guide. See “Flickering Issues on Office 2013 32-bit and 64-bit.”This topic contains detailed instructions on creating and configuring the DisableAnimations key and the DisableWindowTransitionsOnAddinTaskPanes key. Both work to reduce flickering in Office 2013.

    Refer to Microsoft Windows documentation if you require further help creating these registry keys.

  • 18115776 — When extensions are enabled in Smart View, cascading a report with a large number of members can cause Excel to stop responding.Workaround: From the Smart View Options dialog box, Extensions page, disable any extensions that are installed. Restart Excel and repeat the cascade operation.
  • 20364435 — After pasting dynamic data points in Word, then clicking the Manage POV button and changing the POV member selection for one or more dimensions, the selections are not retained upon clicking Close.
  • 20866653 — Launching Smart View from a web browser does not work unless Excel is already open.
  • 20958232 — In Planning and Financial Management forms, after copying a cell, only a single paste is allowed. Pasting into subsequent cells is not supported.Workaround: After pasting the cell once, you must copy the cell again in order to paste it into another cell.
  • 21355132, 21691927 — Copying a Smart List or Text List cell and pasting it over three or more cells causes Excel stop responding.
  • 21607945 — An invalid row height or column width error can occur when performing a Refresh All on certain workbooks.
  • 21803394 — Microsoft Word suspends or terminates unexpectedly after inserting several reporting objects in succession.
  • 21820253 — In some cases, in workbooks with multiple sheets where each sheet contains a different query or template, if you drag the POV toolbar to the top of a sheet and dock it, you may see two POV toolbars on that sheet. This can occur on any number of sheets where the POV toolbar has been docked.Workaround: Click the X in the right corner of one of the POV toolbars to close it, or refresh the sheet.
  • 21866540 — To use the new Import Metadata in PowerPoint feature, you must select a single slide to begin the import process. An error message is displayed if you attempt to invoke the import metadata functionality when either no slide is selected or multiple slides are selected.
  • 21917209 — The HypGetSheetOption and HypSetSheetOption functions are not working for Member Name Display options.

Disclosure Management

  • 14275486 — When Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management doclets are combined into master documents, table autofit formatting may be lost.
  • 18347708 — Disclosure Management will always trigger the autodeployment process. To work around this issue, update the version number for Disclosure Management in the Smart View UpdateList.xml file:From: version=”″

    To: version=”″

    For information on modifying the UpdateList.xml file, see the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide, “Administering Extension Installations and Updates” topics.

Enterprise Performance Reporting

See the Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Readme in your service environment for Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service known issues, including those related to Smart View.


  • 18076474 — Formulas are not retained on the worksheet after performing an Undo and then a Redo.
  • 11841013 — You may not be able to change members in a Smart List.
  • 12890030 — If you change alias tables, members that you drag from the POV toolbar to the grid may be lost.
  • 12913962 — When you associate a connection to an ad hoc worksheet using Set Active Connection, members may disappear from the worksheet when you refresh.Workaround: Instead of associating a connection, perform direct ad hoc analysis on the worksheet.
  • 13854982 — When filtering on attributes at the Generation 3 level in an attribute dimension, Smart View only displays members up to the Generation 2 level.
  • 14470264 — The HsGetVariable function does not support non-ASCII variable values.
  • 16607593 — When executing an MDX query with a calculated member (WITH MEMBER…) in Excel, the calculated values appear for a very short time in the sheet column and then are converted to a comment column. All calculated values are lost either automatically or by performing a Refresh.This occurs whether you are using the Execute MDX command in the Essbase ribbon, or the VBA function, HypMDXExecute.
  • 18480728 — In multiple-grid sheets, submitting data values ‘0 and &nd does not work properly when the #No Data/Missing Label is set to ‘0 or &nd.
  • 19134780 — Connection information for multiple-grid sheets cannot be updated using VBA.
  • 19181853, 19335608 — Excel memory use increases with each Refresh operation on function-only worksheets and certain ad hoc reports.
  • 19190415 — When the POV toolbar is displayed, an error is returned upon refresh.
  • 19930163 — In the following environment: Windows 8.1, 32-bit with Office 2013, 32-bit, while performing ad hoc operations, Excel may become unresponsive to right-clicks within the sheet; for example, when attempting to pivot using drag-and-drop.
  • 21355132 — Smart View terminates unexpectedly when copying one cell containing text and pasting to multiple cells.

Financial Management

  • 16451623 — Chart data is not properly updated upon Refresh if the data for the current intersection is #Invalid.Workaround: Change the slider or POV to a valid data point that displays different data, and then perform a Refresh. The chart is properly updated.
  • 16898574 — Some style preferences set on forms from within Financial Management are not honored on forms in Smart View.
  • 17632970 — In Smart View, after submitting a cell that has pipe character(|) and caret(^), the submitting removes all pipe characters and adds “c” after any caret.Workaround: Do not create cell text with a caret or pipe character.
  • 17591100 — Member search does not work on forms that contain the Add Member button.
  • 18252228 — In Financial Management ad hoc grids, when connecting by performing a refresh, the Smart Slice and Cascade commands are grayed out in the HFM Ad Hoc ribbon.
  • 18512314 — When using Find Next in the Member Selection dialog box, the first member that matches the search criteria is located, but clicking Find Next again does not locate any other relevant members.
  • 18861859 — In Financial Management forms, Member Selection dialog box, the selections available in the View and Filters options are not consistent with the selections available for the same form in the Financial Management web application.
  • 19827684 — When working Financial Management ad hoc, and copying and pasting cells from Excel to Word, formatting is not retained even though the Use Excel Formatting option is selected.
  • 20726025 — In Windows 8x versions, if the Member Name Display option is set to “Member Name and Description,” you may get an “Invalid members” error when trying to save a journal. This can be the result of the size of the Excel window onscreen.Workaround: Try unfreezing panes in Excel using the View, then Freeze Panes, and then Unfreeze Panes command. Also, you may reduce the display size to 75% or 50% before opening or creating the journal.
  • 21158205, 21438712 — In the Entity Details, the View, Rows functionality is not available from Smart View. This functionality is accessed from the drop-down menu when you click View, then Rows in the Entity Details dialog box (as described in “Selecting Rows for the Report” in the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide.You can use select and view rows from the Financial Management web interface. This functionality will be fully supported in a later version of Financial Management.
  • 20987930 — Ampersands (&) are reserved characters and, when used in journal names, do not display properly in the list of journals in the Manage Journals dialog box in Smart View. For example, if a single ampersand in used in a journal name, then no ampersand is displayed in the name in Manage Journals; if two consecutive ampersands are used, then a single ampersand is displayed in the name in Manage Journals.Once the journal is opened in Smart View, the name displays correctly. The name also displays correctly in the Financial Management web interface.
  • 21847984 — In Oracle Journals, when the Region and Language settings are set to a European language such as Swedish, values are truncated and do not display correctly. When set to English, the values are truncated but can be expanded to display correctly. Values display correctly when the Region and Language settings are set to an Asian language, such as Japanese.

Financial Reporting

  • 14600458 — When exporting a Financial Reporting report from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace to Smart View, the user POV for the report is not retained. The user POV defaults to the user POV used most recently in Smart View.
  • 14643318 — An “Invalid Pointer” error results during login when the data source connection has timed out and you attempt to refresh a previously-saved report that contains a function grid.Workaround: Close the workbook and Excel. Then, restart Excel, open the workbook, and perform the refresh.
  • 19827684 — Formatting is not retained when copying and pasting cells from Excel to Word.

Oracle BI EE

  • 14345387 — Smart View does not support direct insert of stepped and curved line charts. When inserting a stepped or curved line chart, Smart View will substitute the closest match, a default line chart. This is expected behavior.
  • 14355587 — Selection lists specified for prompts in BI Answers (radio button lists and check box lists) are converted to list controls in Smart View. This is expected behavior.
  • 14563557 — Checking or clearing the “Use unified scale” option in BI Answers requires that you use the “Replace View” option when refreshing in Smart View. This is expected behavior.For information on setting refresh preferences, see “Specifying Preferences for Refreshing Views” in the “Smart View and Oracle BI EE” chapter of the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide.
  • 14580332 — Time zone preferences set in Oracle BI EE account preferences are not exposed in Smart View.
  • 14600296 — In the Prompt Selector, there is a limit of 256 items that can be displayed in drop-down list controls or option lists.Workaround: Increase the value of the setting in Prompts/MaxDropDownValues in instance.config in BI Answers.
  • 14737958, 14750088 — In View Designer, you cannot create a view with a column of numeric type on the Page or Section edges.
  • 15840478 — Pie charts are not refreshed after adding a filter in BI Answers if the filter added is on a dimension that defines the number of pies that display.Workaround: If there is a change in a filter column that is also defined as a number-of-pies dimension, then you should change the refresh option on the chart view to Replace View, and then perform another refresh. This ensures a correct refresh, updating the number of pies and the chart titles that correctly reflect the new data.

    See “Specifying Preferences for Refreshing Views ” in the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide for instructions.

  • 15840538 — Pie charts are not refreshed after removing a filter in BI Answers if the filter removed is on a dimension that defines the number of pies that display.Workaround: See the workaround specified for bug 15840478.
  • 15886617 — The precision of digits that Smart View can display in Excel is limited to the precision of digits allowed by Excel.For example, the following is an 18-digit number formatted with two decimal places:

    Because of Excel’s 15-digit precision limitation, the digits after the 15th digit are changed to zeroes in Excel and the number would be displayed as follows:

  • 15969695 — On Office 2007, a memory error occurs when inserting a chart into PowerPoint.Workaround: Install Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3.
  • 16373849 — When inserting multiple objects from a compound view into PowerPoint and selecting the “one object per slide” option, an Excel instance is opened for each object and then minimized in the Windows Taskbar. However, when the insert operation is complete, the Excel instances are not automatically closed. This can clutter the Taskbar when inserting a large number of objects.Workaround: To minimize the number of Excel instances shown in the Taskbar, click the Office button (in the upper left corner of Excel), select Excel Options, and then select the Advanced tab. In Display options, clear the Show all windows in the Taskbar check box.
  • 16055532 — When pivot tables that contain embedded pivot charts are inserted into Smart View, the embedded pivot charts are not imported.Workarounds: You can either use Excel to create a pivot chart based on an inserted Excel pivot table or use BI Answers to create a new chart view and insert that view using Smart View.
    • To create a pivot chart based on the inserted native Excel pivot table, complete these steps:
      1. In Smart View, click in the Excel pivot table and select the Excel Options ribbon.
      2. From the Tools group, click the PivotChart button.
      3. In Insert Chart, select a chart style and then click OK.
    • To create and insert a separate chart view:
      1. In Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, create a new, separate chart view object.
      2. In the Office application, use Smart View to insert the newly-created chart view.

    In both workarounds, the pivot chart is rendered.

  • 16285804 — If a prompt is defined on double columns, and the prompt operator selected is * Prompt User, the following operators do not work at runtime:
    • is less than
    • is less than or equal to
    • is greater than
    • is greater than or equal to
    • is like
    • is not like

    Workaround: Do not use the * Prompt User operator. Instead, define the operator explicitly at design time, using one of the operators listed above. The operators will then work.

  • 16520355 — In Word and PowerPoint, there can be some overlapping of tables and charts when inserting a compound view or when a compound view is either inserted from the catalog or copied and pasted. This is especially true when any of the objects in the compound view are particularly large.
  • 19717930 — Clicking OK in the View Designer after the session is timed out returns an object reference error.
  • 21795612 — In environments where the Oracle BI EE server locale and the Smart View client locale are different, the names of Oracle BI EE artifacts in Smart View—such as views, titles, tables, and graphics—display in the language of the Oracle BI EE server locale instead of the Smart View client locale.
  • 21825076 — After copying slides between PowerPoint presentations and then importing metadata, no metadata is imported and, after a refresh, a Smart View error occurs.


  • 6533549, 6549255 — If a member cell contains a formula that calculates the value for a summary time period, that cell should be locked, but instead, Smart View may mark it as dirty if the data for the member is modified.
  • 14834659 — When substitution variables are used, the last column (the right-most column) on Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis forms is dropped or hidden when the form is opened in Smart View.
  • 16721734 — In specifying a Replacement option as #NumericZero (Options dialog box, Data Options tab), and then spreading data for Time Periods, the parent data could not be deleted.Workaround: Ensure that the Replacement option, Submit zero, is selected when #NumericZero is also selected.
  • 16898574 — Some style preferences set on forms from within Planning are not honored on forms in Smart View.
  • 17926504 — Ad hoc analysis started from a saved Planning grid will inherit the formatting options saved as part of the grid.To use Smart View Cell Styles or the Use Excel Formatting option for an ad hoc grid generated from a saved grid, complete the following steps:
    1. Open the saved Planning grid as a form.
    2. In the Planning ribbon, Formatting group, select Apply, and then None.
    3. Click Save to save the form back to the Planning server.
    4. Now use the saved form to perform ad hoc analysis.
  • 18421689 — In Smart View, the display order of business rules attached to a form differs from the display order in Planning.
  • 19439940 — When using the FVSCHEDULE function in Smart Forms, use cell references to existing data, rather than arrays of data.For example, use:

    Do not use:

  • 19685022 — Number formatting is not retained when copying data points from Excel to Word or PowerPoint.
  • 19843672 — In Planning forms, when working with user variables, selecting a substitution variable as a value of a user variable is not supported.
  • 20794274 — Locking the Year Total cell and copying the distributed period values on months with alternative hierarchy results in an incorrect distribution.
  • 20938289 — When two forms are on two separate worksheets, the rule variable on one form changed to the default after refreshing the page dimension on the other form, causing the business rule to invoke an incorrect value for a runtime prompt variable.
  • 21345664 — In Smart View, the currency symbol in a cell is displayed differently from the Planning web interface when the Planning option, “Allow multiple currencies per entity,” is set to true.
  • 21567487 — In the Oracle Hyperion Planning web interface, if the “Indent level 0 members only” option is set in Preferences, the page dimensions do not display with the correct indentation in Smart View.

Reporting and Analysis

  • 6575786 — Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis report are imported sequentially.Workaround: Use All Pages to import multiple pages of a report.
  • 6908330 — Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis documents are not displayed in Import Workspace Document Folder Tree if EPM Workspace is under WebSeal and configured for a context path (http://<server>:<port>/<context path>/workspace) other than the default (http://<server>:<port>/workspace).
  • 7674839 — When you import a Financial Reporting report into Smart View and refresh, the worksheet becomes solid black, except for the cells imported from Financial Reporting.Workaround: From the Excel Tools menu, select Options. On the Color tab, click Reset and then OK.
  • 9160243 — These issues exist with dashboards imported as images from Smart View into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint:
    • The image sizes differ from the images in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace.
    • There is an excess of background space around the images.

    Workaround: In some cases, you may be able to resize the graphic to make it more usable. However, because of Microsoft Office limitations, any excess background space will always be present.

  • 13875551 — When you export an Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting report from Internet Explorer into Smart View, the Smart View ribbon disappears in Excel.Workaround: Open Excel before exporting from Internet Explorer.