Returns TRUE if the specified user-defined attribute (UDA) exists for the specified member at calculation time.


@ ISMBRUDA(mbrName, UDAStr)
Parameter Description
mbrName Valid member name or member combination, or a function that returns a member or member combination.
UDAStr User-defined attribute (UDA) name string.


If a nonexistent member name is specified, calculation script verification fails with an error code.


The following examples use the Sample.Basic database.

@ISMBRUDA (“New York”, “Major Market”) and @ISMBRUDA([Market].[New York], “Major Market”) both return true.

@ISMBRUDA(“New York”, “Small Market”) AND @ISCHILD(“Market”)

Because “New York” is not a small market, the first condition returns false.

IF(@ISMBRUDA(“New York”)

Because UDAStr is omitted, the verification fails.