Returns the intersection of members that appear in two specified lists of members.


@INTERSECT(list1, list2)
Parameter Description
list1 The first list of members.
list2 The second list of members.


This function treats shared members as distinct from their base members; therefore, they do not intersect.


The following examples use the Sample.Basic database.

@INTERSECT(@CHILDREN(“100”), @ATTRIBUTE(Can)) returns 100-10 and 100-20.

@INTERSECT(@CHILDREN(“Colas”), @CHILDREN(“Diet Drinks”); returns an empty set, because shared members are considered distinct from their base members.

FIX (@INTERSECT(@CHILDREN("100-10"), @CHILDREN("Diet Drinks")))

   Sales = 500;


@INTERSECT expression evaluates to an empty set; therefore, the FIX statement sets all the values of Sales to 500.