excel Types of commands on the Ribbon

For the most part, the commands in the Ribbon work just as you’d expect them to. You’ll encoun
ter several different styles of commands on the Ribbon:
h Simple buttons: Click the button, and it does its thing. An example of a simple button is
the Increase Font Size button in the Font group of the Home tab. Some buttons perform
the action immediately; others display a dialog box so that you can enter additional infor
mation. Button controls may or may not be accompanied by text.
h Toggle buttons: A toggle button is clickable and also conveys some type of information
by displaying two different colors. An example is the Bold button in the Font group of the
Home tab. If the active cell isn’t bold, the Bold button displays in its normal color. But if
the active cell is already bold, the Bold button displays a different background color. If
you click this button, it toggles the Bold attribute for the selection.
h Simple drop-downs: If the Ribbon command has a small downward-pointing arrow, then
the command is a drop-down list. Click it, and additional commands appear below it. An
example of a simple drop-down is the Merge and Center command in the Alignment
group of the Home Tab. When you click this control, you see four options related to
merging and centering information.

Split buttons: A split button control combines a one-click button (on the top) with a
drop-down (on the bottom). If you click the button part, the command is executed. If you
click the drop-down part, you choose from a list of related commands. You can identify a
split button because it displays in two colors when you hover the mouse over it. An
example of a split button is the Paste command in the Clipboard group of the Home tab.
Clicking the top part of this control pastes the information from the Clipboard. If you click
the bottom part of the control, you get a list of paste-related commands (see Figure 2-6).
h Check boxes: A check box control turns something on or off. An example is the Gridlines
control in the Show/Hide group of the View tab. When the Gridlines check box is
checked, the sheet displays gridlines. When the control isn’t checked, the sheet gridlines
aren’t displayed.
h Spinners: An example of a spinner control is in the Scale to Fit group of the Page Layout
tab. Click the top part of the spinner to increase the value; click the bottom part of the
spinner to decrease the value.