Essbase @VAR

Calculates the variance (difference) between two members. The variance
calculation recognizes the difference between accounts that are tagged in
the database outline as “Expense” or “No Expense” and calculates the variance


@VAR (mbrName1, mbrName2)
Parameter Description
mbrName1andmbrName2 Members from the same dimension whose variance results are to be calculated.
The variance is derived by subtracting mbrName2 values
from mbrName1, unless an account is tagged
as “Expense”, in which case mbrName1 values
are subtracted from mbrName2.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. The variance
between Actual and Budget is calculated as follows:

Variance = @VAR(Actual,Budget);

Sales is defined as “No Expense”, whereas COGS is tagged as “Expense”.
This example produces the following report:

                Year    Product    Market
                   Sales      COGS
                   =====      ====
Actual            400855     179336
Budget            373080     158940
Variance           27775    (20396)

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