Calculates the standard deviation of all values of the specified member
(mbrName) across the specified data set
(XrangeList). The calculation is based
upon a sample of a population. Standard deviation is a measure of how widely
values are dispersed from their mean (average).

This function is calculated using the “unbiased” or “n-1″
method. See @STDEV for
the formula used.


Parameter Description
SKIPNONE Includes all cells specified in expList,
regardless of their content, during calculation of the standard deviation.
SKIPMISSING Excludes all #MISSING values from expList during
calculation of the standard deviation.
SKIPZERO Excludes all zero (0) values from expList during
calculation of the standard deviation.
SKIPBOTH Excludes all zero (0) values and #MISSING values from expList during calculation of the standard deviation.
mbrName Any valid single member name or member combination, or a function that
returns a single member or member combination.
XrangeList Optional. A valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names,
cross dimension members, or a member set function or range function (including
@XRANGE) that returns a list of members from the same dimension. If XrangeList is not specified, Essbase uses
the level 0 members from the dimension tagged as time.


The @STDEVRANGE function replaces the @STDDEVRANGE function. The only
difference between the functions is the SKIP parameter in the @STDEVRANGE
function. Although the old @STDDEVRANGE function is supported for migration
purposes, you can no longer select it in the Calculation Script Editor or Formula Editor.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Assume
that the Measures dimension contains an additional member, Std Deviation.
This example calculates the standard deviation (based on a sample of a population)
of the sales values for all products.

FIX (Product)
"Std Deviation" = @STDEVRANGE(SKIPBOTH,Sales,@CHILDREN(Product));

This example produces the following report:

                               Jan      New York
                              Actual      Budget
                              ======      ======
Sales          Colas           678         640
               Root Beer       551         530
               Cream Soda      663         510
               Fruit Soda      587         620
               Diet Drinks     #MI         #MI
                 Product      2479        2300

Std Deviation  Product          60.73       64.55

See Also

  • @STDEV