Returns the right siblings of the specified member.


@RSIBLINGS (mbrName)
Parameter Description
mbrName Any valid single member name or member combination, or a function that
returns a single member or member combination.


This function returns all of the right siblings of the specified member.
Right siblings are children that share the same parent as the member and that
follow the member in the database outline. This function excludes the specified

This member set function can be used as a parameter of another function,
where that parameter is a list of members.

Essbase sorts the right siblings in ascending
order. Using Sample Basic as an example, if you specify 200-10 for mbrName, Essbase returns 200-20,
200-30, 200-40 (in that order). This order is important to consider when you
use the @RSIBLINGS member set function with certain forecasting and statistical


In the Sample Basic database:


returns Connecticut and New
Hampshire (in that order). These members appear below Florida in the Sample
Basic outline.


returns COGS because this
member appears below Sales in the Sample Basic outline.

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