Essbase @REMOVE

Removes values or members in one list from another list.


@REMOVE (list1, list2)
Parameter Description
list1 A list of member specifications, from which the members specified in list2 are removed.
list2 A list of member specifications to be removed from list1.


Example 1

In the Sample Basic database,

@REMOVE(@CHILDREN(East),@LIST("New York",Connecticut))

returns Massachusetts, Florida,
New Hampshire.

Example 2

The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Assume
that the Market dimension contains an additional member, Non-West.

A special analysis requires a sum of the actual sales values of a particular
product family for non-western states. In this example, the @REMOVE function
is used with the @SUMRANGE function to perform this analysis. The @LIST function
is used to group the last two arguments of the @REMOVE function (the children
of West plus two additional members, Texas and New Mexico).

          @LIST(@CHILDREN(West),Texas,"New Mexico")));

This example produces the following report:

                    Jan      Colas     Actual
Non-West                     5114               

New York                      678
Massachusetts                 494
Florida                       410
Connecticut                   310
New Hampshire                 213
  East                       2105

California                    941
Oregon                        450
Washington                    320
Utah                          490
Nevada                        138
  West                       2339       

Texas                         642
Oklahoma                      180
Louisiana                     166
New Mexico                    219
  South                      1207       

Illinois                      579
Ohio                          430
Wisconsin                     490
Missouri                      360
Iowa                          161
Colorado                      643
  Central                    2663

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