Essbase ODBC TSQL interface

How to create ODBC interface for Essbase on the TSQL site. (from scratch )

This tool execute MDX query through APS server and return result as table grid to the database side.
You can use any parameters in the MDX for getting Dynamic Data

1) You need Microsoft Visual Studion 2010 C# Express
2) You need knowledge of this topics
1) Essbase MDX Query
2) MS SQL TSQL Table Function
3) CLR C# Extensions for MS SQL

Any way to install this you need to go this following steps
1) Download DLL files
2) Install CLR extensions to the MSSQL server (2008 or 2012)

3) Fix name of APS server (must be placed with essbase on the same server ) Essbase login and password
4) and execute MDX

NON EMPTY NONEMPTYBLOCK CrossJoin (CrossJoin (Descendants ([Product]) , Descendants ([Market]) ), CrossJoin ({[Jan]} ,{[COGS]} ))
ON ROWS FROM Sample.Basic

If you need make changes – you can download source code
or the Visual Studio 2010 Express Essbase ODBC TSQL interface project

p.s. Also you can refer this post on the Russian