Essbase @MOD

Calculates the modulus of a division operation.


@MOD (mbrName1, mbrName2)
Parameter Description

mbrName1 and mbrName2

Members from the same dimension whose modulus is to be calculated.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Assume
that the Measures dimension contains an additional member, Factor. The modulus
between Profit % and Margin % is calculated with the following formula:

Factor = @MOD("Margin %", "Profit %");

This example produces the following report:

              Market      Product      Scenario
             Margin %     Profit %      Factor
             ========     ========      ======
Jan           55.10        25.44         4.22
Feb           55.39        26.03         3.34
Mar           55.27        25.87         3.53