Essbase member

A discrete component within a dimension. A member identifies and differentiates the organization of similar units. For example, a time dimension might include such members as Jan, Feb, and Qtr1.

Essbase @MEMBER

Returns the member with the name that is provided as a character string.


@MEMBER (String)
Parameter Description
String A string (enclosed in double quotation marks) or a function that returns
a string


Typically, the @MEMBER function is used in combination with string functions
that are used to manipulate character strings to form the name of a member.
In the following example, the member name QTR1 is appended to the character
string 2000_ to form the string 2000_QTR1. The @MEMBER function returns the
member 2000_QTR1 and QTD is set to the value of this member.


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