Essbase @LOG

Returns the result of a logarithm calculation where you can specify
both the base to use and the expression to calculate.


@LOG (expression [, base])
Parameter Description
expression Single member specification, variable name, function, or other numeric
expression. If less than or equal to 0, Essbase returns #MISSING.
base Optional. Single member specification, member combination, or numeric

  • If the base value is #MISSING, less than or equal
    to 0, or close to 1, Essbase returns #MISSING.
  • If the base is omitted, Essbase calculates
    the base-10 logarithm of the specified expression. @LOG(Sales) is equivalent
    to @LOG10(Sales).


The @LOG function returns the logarithm of expression calculated
using the specified base. @LOG (x,b) is
equivalent to logb(x).


The following example is based on a variation of Sample Basic:

LOG2_Sales = @LOG(Sales,2);

This example produces the following result:

                                     Cola East
                Jan        Feb       Mar            Nov      Dec
Sales           100   #MISSING       120 . . .        0      210
LOG2_Sales  6.64386   #MISSING   6.90689 . . .  #MISSING  7.71425

See Also

  • @LN
  • @LOG10