Essbase @LIST

Creates and distinguishes lists that are processed by functions that
require list arguments. @LIST can be used to create expLists,
member lists, or rangeLists. @LIST treats
a collection of parameters as one entity.


@LIST (argument1, argument2, ..., argumentN)
Parameter Description

argument1, argument2, …, argumentN

The list of arguments that are collected and treated as one argument
so they can be processed by the parent function. Arguments can be member names,
member combinations, member set functions, range functions, and numeric expressions.


@LIST does not check for or eliminate duplicates.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Assume
that the Year dimension contains an additional member, Sales Correl. @LIST
is used with the @CORRELATION function to determine the sales relationship
between a product’s two peak periods (Jan through Mar and Apr through May):


This example produces the following report:

        Colas     Actual    New York                              
Jan               678          
Feb               645       
Mar               675        
Apr               712      
May               756      
Jun               890           
Sales Correl  0.200368468