Essbase @ISUDA

Returns TRUE if the specified user-defined attribute (UDA) exists for
the current member of the specified dimension at the time of the calculation.


@ISUDA (dimName,UDAStr)
Parameter Description
dimName Dimension name specification that contains the member you are checking.
UDAStr user-defined attribute (UDA) name string.


  • Essbase checks to see if the UDA is
    defined for the current member of the specified dimension at calculation time.
    It returns TRUE if the UDA is defined, FALSE if not.
  • For more information about UDAs, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator’s Guide.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. The Market
dimension has members that indicate a geographic location. Some members represent
major markets. The example below calculates the database and stores a budget
amount for the upcoming year based on the actual amount from this year. A
different sales growth rate is applied to major markets than to small markets.

FIX (Budget)
   Sales (IF(@ISUDA(Market,"Major Market"))
      Sales = Sales->Actual * 1.2;
      Sales = Sales->Actual * 1.1;

The preceding example tests to see if the current member of Market has
a UDA called “Major Market”. If it does, the Budget -> Sales value is set
to 120% of Actual -> Sales. If it does not, the Budget -> Sales value is set
to 110% of Actual -> Sales.

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