Essbase Function Parameters

The following table provides a brief description of some of the common
parameters used in various functions.


Member names that are also keywords, such as IF, THEN, ELSE, and RETURN,
must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Parameter Description
attDimName A single attribute dimension name specification.

attMbrName A single attribute member name specification.

@WITHATTR("Pkg Type","= =",Can)
dimName A single dimension name specification.

expList A comma-delimited list of member names, variable names, functions,
and numeric expressions, all of which return numeric values.

expression Any mathematical or numeric expression that is valid within Essbase and that, when calculated, returns a numeric value.
This definition of expression also includes
parameters such as numDigits, generation, and level,
and other similar parameters for the financial group of functions, such as rateMbrConst and lifeMbrConst.

@ROUND(Sales / 10.0 + 100)
genLevName Generation or level name specification.

genLevNum An integer value that defines the number of a generation or level.
A positive integer defines a generation number. A value of 0 or a negative
integer defines a level number.

mbrList A comma-delimited list of members.

mbrName Any valid single member name or member combination, or a function that
returns a single member or member combination. This definition also includes
similar parameters, such as balanceMbrName, costMbr, and cashflowMbr,
for the financial group of functions.


For functions that expect
a single member name (for example, @DESCENDANTS and @CHILDREN), if a member
combination is provided, Essbase uses the first member
in the combination. For example, if mbrName is
Utah->Sales, Essbase uses Utah.

n A positive or negative integer value.

rangeList A valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names, member
set functions, and range functions from the same dimension. If rangeList is
optional and is not specified, Essbase uses the level
0 members from the dimension tagged as Time. If no dimension is tagged as
Time and this parameter is omitted, Essbase reports
a syntax error. This definition of rangeList also
includes mbrList.

tag Any valid account tag defined in the current database including First,
Last, Average, Expense, and Two-Pass.