Essbase @CURGEN

Returns the generation number of the current member combination for
the specified dimension. This number represents the number of members separating
the current member from the top-most member of the dimension.


@CURGEN (dimName)
Parameter Description
dimName Single dimension name specification. dimName must
be the name of the top-most member of the dimension. It cannot be another
member name from within the dimension.


  • If the current member of the specified dimension is an implied
    share member, the member generation returned is the same generation as the
    stored member. For example, in Sample Basic, Inventory, a member of the Measures
    dimension, is an implied share member:

         Opening Inventory (+)
         Additions (~)
         Ending Inventory (~)

    The generation value of Inventory is the same as the stored member under
    it, Opening Inventory. For this example, Opening Inventory is at generation
    3. When Inventory is the current member @CURGEN(Measures) returns generation

  • For further discussion on levels, please refer to the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator’s Guide.


Given the following database structure:

      Jan, Feb, Mar
      Apr, May, Jun
      Jul, Aug, Sep
      Oct, Nov, Dec

@CURGEN provides the following results for the members shown:

Formula                      Current Member   Value
Position = @CURGEN(Year);    Year             1
Position = @CURGEN(Year);    Qtr2             2
Position = @CURGEN(Year);    Oct              3

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