Compiles the proceeds of a compound interest calculation. The calculation
is based on the balances of the specified member at the specified rate across
the specified range.


@COMPOUND (balanceMbr, rateMbrConst [, rangeList])
Parameter Description
balanceMbr Single member specification representing the beginning balance across
a range of periods. The input can be either one deposit or a series of deposits.
If balanceMbr is a constant, then Essbase assumes balanceMbr to
be a single deposit in the first member of rangeList.
This is equivalent to entering the constant value in the first member in the rangeList followed by zeros. The function keeps track
of each deposit separately, but returns a composite value. If balanceMbr is
a member, or a range, then it is assumed to be a series of deposits.
rateMbrConst Single member specification, variable name, or numeric expression in
decimal form. This represents the interest rate per time period specified
in the rangeList. If your interest is compounded
monthly, this value would be the annual interest rate divided by 12.
rangeList Optional. A valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names,
member set functions, and range functions from the dimension tagged as Time.
If rangeList is not specified, Essbase uses the level 0 members from the dimension tagged as
Time. rangeList represents the range over
which the interest is compounded. The last value in the range is the total
compounded interest for that range.


Financial functions never return a value; rather, they calculate a series
of values internally based on the range specified.


The following example determines the compound interest of a series of
deposits, based on a credit rate of 0.0525, across a series of fiscal years:

"Compound Interest"=@COMPOUND(Deposit,"Credit Rate",FY1998:FY2001,FY2002);

This example produces the following report:

               FY1998   FY1999   FY2000   FY2001   FY2002
               ======   ======   ======   ======   ======
Credit Rate    0.0525  0.0525    0.0525   0.0525    0.0525
Compound Interest   0     105  110.5125 273.8144  288.1897
Deposit             0   2,000         0    3,000         0

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