BigData SQL: Soft Decisions

Maturity : When choosing an SQL engine for big data processing, it is very important to reach a decision based on the maturity of the product and its adoption rate, etc. A lot of new products come to the market and then fizzle out and do not have enough tracking, backing by investors/committers who could work on the product. Newer products go through a lot of changes in the initial stages of product development and require time to mature and become robust for industrial-scale data loads and performance.
Customer base : Evaluating the customer base and typical things those customers are doing with the SQL engine offer a good perspective on the quality of the product, its capabilities,
shortcomings, best practices, and best usage scenarios.
License : Understanding fully the licensing model is always helpful, keeping in mind future growth, both from hardware and licensing perspectives.
Source code : It is also important to understand the nature of the source code of the product and if that is something that can be changed/contributed to by your organization, in case of bug fixes or adding new capabilities, etc. Understanding in what language the product has been written is also equally important, because it determines if your organization has the necessary skillset in case some things have to be changed or modified at the code level.