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01) Block size
02) Essbase Performance and Load Testing

——Essbase Calculations—
03) OAC Essbase Hybrid Block Storage OptionPerformance Tuning
04) Calcs Basics
05) Application Design for EPM Planning Part II: Calculation Manager Rules & Hybrid BSO
a) single pass aggregation
b) hybrid optimized dimensions
06) Dynamic member in the FIX
07) Using set emptymemberst
08) fiх or if
a) simplifying #missing checking
09) Calculation with using push – pull approaches
a) all about block creations
b) Advanced Calculation Techniques
10) Block explosion
11) Aggregation for nowadays
12) Fixparallel
13) Vertical scaling
14) CalcParallel p1 p2 p3 p4
15) Calculation from data
16) mark log file

—— integration——
16) Automation Tricks with EPM Cloud, REST and Groovy
Oracle Cloud integrations learning paths

17) 10 things you can do today to improve your planning application
18) Managing attributes via forms
19) pbcs
20) epbcs docs

21) Essbase MDX
22) Daily routine for ASO applications

—- Books——
23) Look Smarter Than You Are with Oracle Analytics Cloud Standard
24) HFM course
HFM Book
25) Essbase 21C
what is in the box (oracle)
new born
26) Reporting and Samrtview update 2021.5
27) Eliminations
28) CDF on Java
29) Essbase Data Load Rules
30) Groovy
31) SQL in Load rules
32) HPL ER Model (table definitions )
33) The Oracle EPM Integration Agent
34) Smartview AddIns In2Planning

35) Automating Oracle EPM Cloud with Python and the REST API

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