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EssBase on Exalitics Performance News

Наконец-то я знаю зачем нужен ExaLitics )


Как видим, вся соль скрылась в настройке HardwareAccelerationFlag. Осталось выяснить, что именно делает данная опция.

Так же, приводится таблица, из которой видно , что оптимизации подвержены не все расчеты. К несчастью, какие именно особенности в расчетах не поддаются «железной» настройки информации нет



И как всегда, информация о том, что выбрав Exalitics, можете получить в скорости расчетов, (перед покупкой Oracle предоставляет демо-стенд для проверки того насколько оно именно подходит под конкретные расчеты):


Прощай FDM !

Еще пара тезисов с OOW14
1) В версии появился мигратор с FDM на FDMEE (Existing  FDM customers may upgrade to FDMEE –FDM and FDMEE may be run in parallel )
2) Начиная с версии FDM будет не доступен (Legacy FDM not available starting with release

EPM News News News (Oracle OpenWorld, day 3)


  • Reduce BSO fragmentation
    • This is Exalytics only
      • In-place block write
      • Slows fragmentation
    • Exalytics first optimization
      • It’s easier for Oracle to do this because it’s one platform as opposed to the many commodity hardware OSe
    • Bugger, I missed it.  🙂
    • Two new variable types:  MEMBER and NUMBER
    • Syntax
    • FOR (mbr, mbrList)  Statement  ;  ENDFOR
    • No more block creation – this is outline driven, not block driven
  • Renegade
    • Selected member that will provide a home for orphaned members
      • No more dataload.err
  • Batch outline editing
    • New API to allow mass operations on Essbase Outline
      • Death to Load Rules!
      • Huge performance
  • Improved resource management and CPU utilization
    • Thread management and thread based memory allocation and management
    • Fundamental improvement to Essbase infrastructure
  • Essbase R
    • Library to read and write Essbase database from R
      • Connect
      • mdx2Array
      • writeBack
    • Future direction
      • Allow Essbase users to trigger R from Essbase
      • Embedded R in calc scripts
      • Generic capability to allow the extendibility of Essbase with 3rd party scripting languages
  • EAL financial intelligence moving into Essbase
    • Bringing EAL into Essbase by enhancing its core strength:  financial apps
    • Replicate EAL into Essbase
      • Financial Accounts dimension, member types, and behaviors
    • Integrated per plan
  • Post Load Processing
    • Post load script for data manipulation before it is stored in the cube
      • Think balances vs flow on periodicities
      • Any frequency submit, store in one
        • YTD, MTD, QTD comes in, periods get stored
        • Coming for Planning as well from forms
          • We don’t have to write calc scripts to do this
  • Dimension member properties
    • Text (!), arrgh, missed the rest
  • Cell status
    • How and when did a cell in the db get populated
      • Load, Calc, data entry, Dynamic
      • Transaction ID for the last update transaction
    • Available via calc scripts, AP, and MaxL
    • Will be available across all engine types
  • In-memory
    • On Exalytics, Essbase will be a pure in memory engine so no wait for I/O
      • Remain Exalytics only because cannot rely on commodity servers having enough RAM to do this
    • In memory aggregate views for ASO will not need to be stored on disk