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Unique Essbase Customizations Using Java – Custom Logging

Unique Essbase Customizations Using Java – Custom Logging


Many companies have in depth working knowledge of Hyperion Essbase and are looking to enhance their enterprise reporting capabilities to the next level. Companies typically have specific processes and calculations that set them apart in their industry. However, they are often limited to basic reporting capabilities provided by the standard functions in Essbase. Additionally, complex operations can quickly become arduous using Calculation Scripts and Business Rules. This post will demonstrate the how to easily build Custom Java Routines to extend Essbase and dramatically reduce development time.

Complete details will be provided on how to implement a simple customized logging function for use in Calculation Scripts and Business Rules. Essbase’s streamlined, parallel nature makes it difficult for application developers to trace line by line. By using Java to implement a custom logging routine, one may use personalized log entries within their Essbase scripts. Consequently, developers can add tracing to their scripts and quickly determine how Essbase is approaching each calculation. Accordingly, application developers are able to see exactly how the script is being executed – providing quick debugging and faster development time. One powerful feature is to help determine block creation  within FIX statements.

The first step to integrating a custom Java routine into Essbase is to write some simple Java code. It is very easy – the code does not have to include any special APIs for Essbase.  During development, a few issues were encountered where Essbase was a bit picky about how the code is written.  Here are a few tips to help in getting started. These tips were gathered while doing real development, and it is best to follow at first, though you may revisit the items and find out what will work for you.

Essbase Junior Developer needed

Мне на проект нужен молодой специалист.
Требования знание SQL + любой язык программирования + основы бухучета. Работа на стороне заказчика .
Премущества: быстрый старт до позиции Hyperion Senior (Essbase +HFM) ( в течении 1-1,5 лет)


Продолжаем изучать революционный 500 патч.

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1)  Принудительный Fork затратен.  Если расчет укладывается в 2-3 команды, то нужно тестировать что быстрее.

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