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Oracle обещает в будущих релизах поддержку подзапросов в MDX выражениях. Т.е. подсчитывать станет в MDX удобнее, и теперь не нужно будет разрабатывать специальные измерения для специфического отчета.

FixParralel vs CalcParallel


Oracle продолжает пиарить использование конструкции FixParralel, но что нужно знать

  1. CalcParallel работает быстрее, чем FiXParallel
  2. Но у CalcParallel есть ограничения.
  3. Для этих случаев используем FiXParallel.


Прощай FDM !

Еще пара тезисов с OOW14
1) В версии появился мигратор с FDM на FDMEE (Existing  FDM customers may upgrade to FDMEE –FDM and FDMEE may be run in parallel )
2) Начиная с версии FDM будет не доступен (Legacy FDM not available starting with release

EPM News News News (Oracle OpenWorld, day 3)


  • Reduce BSO fragmentation
    • This is Exalytics only
      • In-place block write
      • Slows fragmentation
    • Exalytics first optimization
      • It’s easier for Oracle to do this because it’s one platform as opposed to the many commodity hardware OSe
    • Bugger, I missed it.  🙂
    • Two new variable types:  MEMBER and NUMBER
    • Syntax
    • FOR (mbr, mbrList)  Statement  ;  ENDFOR
    • No more block creation – this is outline driven, not block driven
  • Renegade
    • Selected member that will provide a home for orphaned members
      • No more dataload.err
  • Batch outline editing
    • New API to allow mass operations on Essbase Outline
      • Death to Load Rules!
      • Huge performance
  • Improved resource management and CPU utilization
    • Thread management and thread based memory allocation and management
    • Fundamental improvement to Essbase infrastructure
  • Essbase R
    • Library to read and write Essbase database from R
      • Connect
      • mdx2Array
      • writeBack
    • Future direction
      • Allow Essbase users to trigger R from Essbase
      • Embedded R in calc scripts
      • Generic capability to allow the extendibility of Essbase with 3rd party scripting languages
  • EAL financial intelligence moving into Essbase
    • Bringing EAL into Essbase by enhancing its core strength:  financial apps
    • Replicate EAL into Essbase
      • Financial Accounts dimension, member types, and behaviors
    • Integrated per plan
  • Post Load Processing
    • Post load script for data manipulation before it is stored in the cube
      • Think balances vs flow on periodicities
      • Any frequency submit, store in one
        • YTD, MTD, QTD comes in, periods get stored
        • Coming for Planning as well from forms
          • We don’t have to write calc scripts to do this
  • Dimension member properties
    • Text (!), arrgh, missed the rest
  • Cell status
    • How and when did a cell in the db get populated
      • Load, Calc, data entry, Dynamic
      • Transaction ID for the last update transaction
    • Available via calc scripts, AP, and MaxL
    • Will be available across all engine types
  • In-memory
    • On Exalytics, Essbase will be a pure in memory engine so no wait for I/O
      • Remain Exalytics only because cannot rely on commodity servers having enough RAM to do this
    • In memory aggregate views for ASO will not need to be stored on disk