get Oracle SmartView plugin

in2sql excel addin for odbc data sources

I have started a new OpenSource project for creating Excel C# Addin to simplify user access to ODBC. Now this project has limited functionality but it is already useful for Excel data analytics.

Main functionality

  1. reduce level for involving analytics for creating SQL query
  2. remove middlemen between SQL data and Excel (use 3d part application with exporting data to CSV )
  3. real-time update data without steps in different tools

Source code

in2planning – Oracle SmartView extension

This plugin needs to use for Oracle Hyperion Cloud clients because it is simplified actions with removing unnecessary menu and buttons. All tools on one pane.

For installing , please , unpack and place file in2planning.xlam in the folder %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\AddIns. After that register plugin in Excel options.

Oracle SmartView also must be installed before setting up this plugin.