EPM News News News (Oracle OpenWorld, day 2)


  • User-defined sandbox, grid improvements, instantaneous calculations (hellllllllllllooooo Hybrid Essbase)
  • Cloud innovations available for on premises
  • Planning Cloud will get the full suite of Planning modules
Planning demo now up – and yes, now I have a clue.  Barely.
  • Support for user sandbolxes
    • Auto calcs, auto save on change
    • Cloud and on-premises
  • Supports large data sets
    • Rapid forms, quick cell navigation (so quite an improvement), scrolling in all grids
  • User-defined client side calcs using familiar Excel syntax in the grid itself
Formulas can reference dimension members and persisted in Planning (I believe the data is persisted in Planning and the form calculations are persisted in Planning – this is not, I think, a way for users to create Planning members, although one could certainly argue that a custom, persisted set of calculations that writes back to Planning/Essbase is pretty nice)