Enabling In-Place Data Writing with Exalytics

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The INPLACEDATAWRITE setting in essbase.cfg enables or disables in-place data writing.

Prior to this release, each time a data block was updated, it was written to a new disk location. With this release, for Exalytics, Essbase enables in-place data writing.

In-place data writing means that when updates occur, the data block can be written to the same location, as long as the compressed size of the data block fits in its original location on the disk.

In-place data writing can help reduce data fragmentation and lower the need for frequent restructuring of database. It also reduces the need for frequent index updates, resulting in improved performance.

Syntax and Usage of INPLACEDATAWRITE


Keyword Description
appname Optional. If provided, the setting applies only to the specified application; otherwise, the setting applies to the Essbase Server.
dbname Optional. If provided, specifies the database.
TRUE In-place data writing is enabled for Exalytics. This is the default.
FALSE In-place data writing is disabled.


  • This configuration setting applies only when the ORACLEHARDWAREACCELERATION configuration  setting is set to TRUE.
  • If you set INPLACEDATAWRITE to TRUE, there is a risk to data integrity if Essbase terminates abnormally.