Essbase Compare Data with Database (Delta Detective)

По мотивам  Introducing Data Detective

Утилита проверки данных между двумя кубами essbase. Использует в качестве провайдера данных Essbase Spread Sheet for Excel.

К несчастью я не нашел сайт автора (Dave Farnsworth), если кто знает – напишите мне, что бы я указал источник.

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Note from the Author
Thanks for downloading Delta Detective. This utility has been in the back of my mind for a number of years but I never had the time to write it. It has been tested as best possible given my limited resources. I hope that you find it useful. You comments and suggestions are desired and welcomed. By all means, if you run into issue please email me.

Dave Farnsworth

Delta Detective Overview
Delta Detective is a Microsoft Excel macro based program. When combined with the Essbase Excel add-in, it can be used to easily and quickly compare data between two Essbase databases.

Delta Detective Design
Since this utility is freeware, the idea was to make it simple, so that it didn’t consume Excel resources when not in use. Additionally it needed to be relatively version independent with regards to Essbase and Excel. For these reasons it requires the traditional Essbase add-in and not SmartView.

Delta Detective Customization
If at some point, a company wants special functionality such as the use of SmartView or an Excel toolbar then they should contact me directly. After all, I am a consultant and that is what I do.