Прощай FDM !

Еще пара тезисов с OOW14
1) В версии появился мигратор с FDM на FDMEE (Existing  FDM customers may upgrade to FDMEE –FDM and FDMEE may be run in parallel )
2) Начиная с версии FDM будет не доступен (Legacy FDM not available starting with release

  • mikecai

    Hi,nnSorry I dont know how to call your name.nnI think you may have the install file of Essbase Application manager 6.5.nnI just want to ask you for a download link or can you share the installer with me???nnThanks.nnBest regard,nnMike

    • Евгений Расюк

      It’s more 10 years ago from this release. I don’t have any files from this time. But I help you to upgrade for newest version. It’s simple and you must do it.