Essbase Custom Relational Calculation

Oracle Hyperion Planning руководство консультанта v3.04

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Patch Set Update: Hyperion Essbase

Patch Set Update: Hyperion Essbase

Hyperion Essbase Server

Patch 18950479: Essbase Server

Hyperion Essbase Client

Patch 18950453: Essbase RTC
Patch 18950474: Essbase Client
Patch 18950482: Essbase MSI

Hyperion Essbase Administration Services (EAS)

Patch 17767626: Essbase Server
Patch 17767628: Essbase Console MSI

Hyperion Analytic Provider Services (APS)

Patch 18907738: APS Services

Hyperion Essbase Studio

Patch 18907980: Essbase Studio Server
Patch 18907987: Essbase Studio Console MSI

19167690 With this fix, Essbase recognizes more accurately when information on disk might be in an inconsistent state and takes action to recover if necessary. Previously, Essbase missed some cases in which recovery was needed, which lead to IBH errors. The recovery action discards information about free space on disk that might be inaccurate; then new space is allocated as needed, instead of reusing space that was freed earlier. The space that was freed earlier can be reclaimed by restructuring the database, or exporting and reloading the database

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Презентации с Oracle BI Пива 2014

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Deploying EPM System Using Standard Deployment

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Вы еще используете партиции ?

… тогда мы идем к Вам.

Oracle “неожиданно” оставляем за бортом те технологии которые особо себя не оправдали, например , ранее в Planning Classic появилась возможность использования ASO кубов, в EPMA такого нет и не будет.
Теперь пришла очередь партиций – FIXPARRALEL не работает в кубах, которые используют сие чудо.

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